Inspired from sports, OKTHRO (pronounced Okt-Ro, the h is silent) is an Australian-owned and operated lifestyle brand where the street meets the surf. We pride ourselves in producing high-quality sport, surf and streetwear gear.

Ever since our formation in 2020 (when the world stopped), we realised that life is better with memories made. At the end of the day that’s what we are left with.  Normal is boring and we are constantly evolving and challenging the status quo, inspired by the restless few who influence style, shape the future and live in the moment. Nothing fun come out of saying no….

We strongly value the community we’ve created and love nothing more than seeing our people living in the moment in our gear. Living in the moment isn’t just a saying, it’s a way of life. Don’t. just. Think. dooooooo.

Our Mission

Our crew lives and breathes the same live in the moment credo that we promote. We do the things we do to inspire people to ‘live in the moment’ and do it in quality gear that our community wants. We all have that quiet genius or a triumphant hero within us.

Our Products

We only use sustainably sourced material to make our premium clothing, that are designed and developed by our talented team in Melbourne, Australia. Our mission is to produce a style that is reflected in every product we create. We’re creating trend-driven styles inspired by the streets, our love for sports and with a nod to our happy place…..the water.


What memory are you going to make today? We’d love for you to come share the ride with us and be part of something bigger.